The Texas Border in Crisis:

An Invasion of Historic Proportions.

For Texans, it is a matter of sovereignty, public safety, health, personal economics, property rights, the state budget, and our Texas culture.

Over six million migrants have entered the country illegally since joe Biden became president. And this does not include the estimated 1.5 million illegal “got aways” that are not accounted for.

The main beneficiary of this unprecedented rush to our border is Mexico’s criminal cartels who are the real catalyst behind this historic human smuggling operation.

This is not about asylum. It is about supporting a woke, liberal, culture-changing strategy and about creating a leftist voting bloc to secure Democrat control.

And that is not all. They are allowing the unchecked sex trafficking of children and the flow of deadly, illegal drugs. This invasion is threatening our border communities’ healthcare systems, as well as sacrificing the property rights and safety of those communities. All while ceding operational control of the border to cartels and demonizing our law enforcement professionals.

With the end of Title 42, this chaos is only increasing.

Governor Abbott understands this and takes the threat seriously, but his tools are limited. He is busing apprehended illegal migrants to sanctuary cities such as Marthas Vineyard, New York, and Washington D.C.

He is also activating and sending thousands of national guardsmen to combat the ongoing invasion. Operation Lone Star and the Texas Tactical Border Force are the newest examples of Governor Abbott’s attempt to do the job D.C. has failed to do.

I encourage all my fellow Texans to call or write Governor Abbott, your State Representative, State Senator, and local leadership to show your support for their efforts to keep our borders secure and our citizens safe.