Should Illegals be Allowed to Vote in Texas?

Illegal Aliens have the right to vote in San Francisco, Oakland and Washington D.C local elections. Will Texarkana, Dallas, Houston or Austin be next?

The right to vote in state and federal elections is one of our most cherished freedoms. It is a cornerstone of our great Republic.

U.S. voting laws date back to Article 1 of our Constitution which gave states the responsibility of overseeing federal elections. Many Constitutional amendments to extend voting rights have since been added, including:

  • The 15th Amendment (1870) that gave African American male citizens the right to vote
  • The 19th Amendment (1920) that gave American female citizens the right to vote
  • The 26th Amendment (1971) which lowered the voting age to 18 for U.S. citizens

While who can vote has changed over time, at no time in our history have non-citizens ever been extended the right to vote in U.S. elections.

That’s why what happened this year in the Texas Legislature is so disturbing. In January, Senate Joint Resolution 35 was introduced. Its premise simple; “a proposal to put before voters a constitutional amendment clarifying that a voter must be a United States citizen.” The straight-forward resolution was passed by the Senate by a 20-1 vote, with every Republican and all but one Democrat voting in favor. After passing the Senate, SJR 35 moved to the House of Representatives where a quick passage by the full Texas House was predicted.

Well, a funny thing happened on the way to final passage in the House. Radical left-wing forces made it clear to Democrat legislators that they must not let the measure pass.

Therefore, when SJR 35 was considered in May, it only received 88 “Yea” votes, with 54 Democrat legislators voting, “present and not voting,” leaving it twelve votes short of the 100 needed for passage. By voting “present,” these 54 Democrats thumbed their nose at historical precedent, the Constitution, and gave their tacit support to non-citizens voting.

Why any legislator would try to prevent voters from reaffirming the long-held requirement that only U.S. citizens may vote is beyond me.

While House Democrats have prevented you from voting on this issue in November, you can still make your voice heard by supporting legislative candidates who believe only citizens should vote. Only citizens should choose our leaders and, in turn, our destiny.

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