Pentagon Goes Woke:

Jeopardizes National Security

On June 21, Nellis Air Force Base will hold a “family-friendly” drag show—for the third year in a row. The US Navy has a transgender recruiting “brand ambassador,” but it gets worse. Two of the military’s top leaders just testified to lawmakers that the Department of Defense neither condones, nor finances such activities on military bases. Yet, this is happening.

Why is this sick, dehumanizing ideology that puts men in woman-face to mock femininity while sexualizing and confusing young children, being infused into our military? And why is the military’s top brass lying about it?

We can see this moral rot is infecting much of the civilian government as well. While a cross-dressing nuclear regulator or an embassy flying a pride flag might be embarrassing, gender ideology in the military has deadly consequences. In his war on Ukraine, Putin has used the West’s radical, fringe gender and sexual ideology as powerful propaganda tools. Putin is claiming the mantle of the protector of “traditional and Christian values,” while bombing preschools and hospitals.

The military has one job—to apply highly controlled violence in defense of our nation, its citizens, and our interests abroad. That mission requires working with allies who often have far different and more traditional cultural views. Moreover, the basis of any military is unit discipline and cohesion. Introducing divisive ideologies into the military undermines it. The US military should never be used as a social experiment. It is driven by strict discipline, rules, traditions, and systems. Undermining these puts our nation at risk.

It is past time for the Department of Defense to clean house and focus on defending America. I encourage you to call U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and demand that happen now. His number at the Pentagon is (703) 545-6700.