End the Sale of Texas Land to China.

I believe in free markets and capitalism, but freedom should not be for sale. Do not sell our land, our heritage, and our security to people who seek to destroy us.

You probably have not heard the term “Belt and Road Initiative” (BRI). The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) does not want its true intentions to be understood. BRI is a cornerstone of their plan for world domination. The CCP is spending hundreds of billions of dollars to accomplish this.

China is financing, planning, and providing labor for major public works projects worldwide. When the bill comes due and these countries cannot make payments, China forecloses and claims ownership of the infrastructure they financed.

BRI is not the CCP’s only strategy to meet its ultimate objective of replacing the United States as the worlds superpower. For that, they must not only weaken America from without, they must also weaken us from within.

The CCP often works through proxies, like the Chinese billionaire CCP member and former Captain in the Peoples Liberation Army who purchased 140,000 acres near Laughlin AFB in Del Rio. This is a clear and growing threat to our nation and the State of Texas.

I was pleased this year when legislation was filed to stop the CCP or their proxies from purchasing land in Texas. It was smart, common-sense legislation designed to prevent Texas from being victimized by a hostile foreign power. Sadly, while passing the Texas Senate, this critical legislation died in the Texas House of Representatives.

Texas must ban land sales to any individual or organization associated with the Chinese Communist Party. Period. I urge you to call Governor Greg Abbott at (512) 463-2000 and ask him to add prohibiting Chinese land sales to his next special session call.