A True Horror Story…

Going to see a movie is oftentimes a welcome distraction and a great opportunity to step
away from the world’s problems, even if just for a few hours before stepping back into the
harsh light of reality. While I strongly encourage you to make the time to see the Sound of
Freedom movie, seeing it won’t transport into a land of make believe or even make you feel
good. The Sound of Freedom is a true horror story that will shake you to the core and
give you nightmares. And, hopefully, it will spur you to action.

Sound of Freedom is a 2023 American action film starring Jim Caviezel, Mira Sorvino,
and Bill Camp. Caviezel, the acclaimed star of The Passion of the Christ, plays Tim Ballard,
a former U.S. government agent who embarks on a mission to rescue children from sex
traffickers in Columbia. The plot centers around Ballard’s Operation Underground
Railroad, an anti-child sex trafficking organization.

The film, inspired by the real-life story of Ballard, who left the Department of Homeland
Security in 2013, was released on July 4, 2023, by Angel Studios, and, against all odds,
including a well-orchestrated attack by the Hollywood elite, has become a sleeper hit;

already grossing $172 million against a $14.5 million budget.

It’s a tough movie to watch. It was written and produced to be so. As a parent, and as a
human being, some of the scenes were almost just too much to bear. The movie bombards
you with imagery and a story line that might be exciting, if not for the knowledge that
what you see on the screen is happening to children every day across the globe.

Sound of Freedom tells the stories of just a few of the over one million children around the
world who are trafficked each year, including the upwards of 50,000 trafficked each year
right here in the United States.
These are children, unable to speak for themselves, who will

be permanently scarred, their lives forever destroyed, who remind us that human traffick-
ing, especially that of children into the sex trade, is the human rights issue of our time.

I hope you will see this remarkable motion picture for yourself. Take a lot of Kleenex with
you when you do; you will need it. And when you leave the theater, let what you have
experienced motivate you to take action. Call and write your state and federal elected
leaders and urge them to provide more resources to law enforcement to fight back
against the traffickers.
Demand they pass new laws calling for the death penalty or life
in prison without any hope of parole for anyone found guilty of sex trafficking a minor
child. While I know there will be a special place in hell for them, we must also ensure
there will be hell on earth for these heinous offenders when they are brought to justice.

Our precious children deserve nothing less.

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